Videos Recommendation: Guidelines

We are accepting recommendations for poetry recitation videos. Please read the following guidelines carefully before you get in touch with us.

  1.  At present we only accept links to videos (e.g. YoutTube links), which will be embedded on our website; we do not accept video files.
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure that the website (e.g. YouTube) allows videos to be embedded on other sites without infringing any copyrights.
  3. Please tell us why this poetry video should be included on the website. Think of the following: Is the poem or the recitation style inspiring? How as the poem in the video moved you? How do you think it could appeal to someone else.
  4. The recitation in the video should be in English or Hindi language. We do not have a dedicated Hindi language poetry editor, therefore these recommendations may not make it through the selection process each time.
  5. Recommendations must be sent to: 
    Submissions Email Address