Seeds of Yearning

Photo © beastfromeast / iStockPhoto.
In the classrooms of education and in social conversations, it is rarely discussed: What is it that makes us human? The global civilisation has continued to surpass the intellectual heights conquered in human history. Have we not yet to conquer the depths of what happens within the human, within two people and within more people as they engage?
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Love Poetry

How can the art of poetry exist without acknowledging the longing to be with someone?
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Poetry of Empowerment

Poetry of Empowerment. Photo by Roberto A Sanchez / iStockPhoto.
Photo © Roberto A Sanchez, iStockPhoto.
It is a paradox that we contain both the conflicts and the capacity to transform them; we contain both darkness and light. But at the centre of this paradox, we are not merely conflicts, we are also light. Where is this light, to bring out our inherent power, to be found?
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Anti-War Poetry

No To War. © 2002, Bert Monterona, Canada.
Can nation states give up their appetite to ‘wage wars’? Can we wage peace, dialogue and creativity instead?
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Social Justice Poetry

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Poetry on social justice. Click Here to view all poems.

Nonkiling Poetry

Malala Yousafzai. Photo © 2013 Children's Peace Prize. childrenspeaceprize.org
“Nonkilling poetry explores the spirit and practice of how to prevent, respond to, and to improve individual, social, and global well being beyond killing.” – Glenn D. Paige
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Peacebuilding Poetry

All Out Peace Not War. © 2015, Bert Monterona, Canada.
Can human beings cultivate the capacity to engage in a dialogue, and with wisdom and maturity see others – the societies, cultures and people – in their otherness? Can we then learn to use our creative resources to reach common bases of agreement and co-exist without the need to harm?
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