Global Poetry Wall – Introduction

Imagine the ancient Silk Road coming alive. Joining the East to the West. Muilti-coloured people, who can’t understand each other’s languages, but what they write looks similar. Poetry. A few lines. A handful of emotions. What is it that keeps us alive? What is it that keeps us connected? What makes us human? These questions, that human beings have pondered for centuries, this is all they have in common.

Welcome to the 21st Century Silk Road.

Stretching from the far West of Hawai’i, travelling through Europe, Middle Eastern land, the Himalayas, and stretching out to Japan. When writing poetry, there are no walls that exist in our hearts, and indeed no walls of any sort must exist at all. But we have built a different wall, the Global Poetry Wall, to exhibit poetry of the people of the world. So where does this beautiful wall of poetry exist on the 21st Century Silk Road?

This imaginary wall, which you can view here, is built under the Middle Eastern sun. Here, civilisations, cultures, and moreover humans meet.

Feel free to put your poetry here. World travellers will stop here. They will draw forth inspiration and emotion from your poetry.