Brown bag

In my head are images of you
I am sure it’s what keeps me alive
I sit watching people going to and fro…
their life each they contrive

Am I no different?
Brown bagging on this bench
Loneliness’s insatiable thirst
I can never seem to quench

I am where I am
It no longer has meaning
You’re gone and there is no other
that can cure me of your leaving

I walk for a while
On the sandy beaches
Happiness, it’s hiding
deep in memories’ creases

I hope to catch the sunset
of the last dying day
But my brown bag is empty
and I must be on my way….

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George Fraser

George Fraser is a life long artist who writes, paints, and creates music. He is from California, and currently lives in North Carolina. "Poetry is the echo of life, the reflection of self, a soul laid bare on the page." - George Fraser

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