In the Making: Poetry on Planes

Call for Poems: Poetry on Planes. Photo © Global Poetry.

Over the course of forty years spent flying around the world on business, I’ve found a special muse that lives only there, in the middle of the sky.

And I know there are others among you who share this vast and singular inspiration.

With that in mind, noted Irish poet Gerry Murphy and I are working on a project that we hope you will find sufficiently intriguing to submit poems you created while wandering among these “… footless halls of air.”1

Titled “Poetry on Planes,” it will be an anthology featuring the work of 99 poets from around the world.

We are soliciting original works that were written while the author was a passenger on a commercial airliner and require that each work – be it serious or whimsical – reflect elevated themes and observations, the sorts of thoughts people have while gazing out at clouds and the earth below.

This focus will make Poetry on Planes a logical candidate for airport bookstores and a special edition sold to a major airline for inclusion in seat-back pockets along with their usual in-flight magazine.

For submission information, go to Poetry On Planes website.

(1) From: “High Flight” by John Gillespie Magee, Jr.

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Peter Frey

The son of a WWII fighter pilot, Peter was born on a military base in Florida in 1951. After six years of college, he defied all expectations and became an auto mechanic and racing driver. A chance encounter led to him joining the staff of a national auto magazine, which started him down a long and winding road of journalism, public relations, marketing, general manager of a team that raced jet planes and on-camera host of a popular series of new car video test drives as ‘Peter Frey, the Test Drive Guy.’ During 40 years of flying around the world on business, he wrote poetry on planes… a lot of it. He and his beautiful Irish wife moved from a condo on the beach in Florida to Ireland 2016.

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