Signals by Sumeet Grover

ISBN 978-0-9930315-2-6. Smallberry Press, London.

ISBN 978-0-9930315-2-6. Smallberry Press, London.

Hidden beneath the preoccupations of our daily lives is often the profound experience of emptiness. It is a state of not knowing, not being able to see beyond the moment that just passed. It feels so remote that it may have grown as a life of its own within us, so that when it makes its way into awareness, it will demand something.

Emptiness is also remote silence. We resent this experience of life, but from silence it sends us many signals as it shows us different perspectives on life. Grover expresses these hidden emotions in this rich collection of his vivid and finely honed poetry.

“Grover’s poems are infused with humanity, compassion, and a deep understanding of the human soul. At times his verses are social criticism impregnated with love, yet at other times they sink straight into the heart of the human experience.”

Antonio C. S. Rosa, Editor of the TRANSCEND Media Service

Sumeet Grover is the founder of Global Poetry (, dedicated to creativity, human dignity, dialogue and global citizenship. He is a winner of the Portico Brotherton Open Poetry Prize 2014, and was shortlisted for the Jane Martin Poetry Prize 2014 & 2015. His works have been published by the TRANSCEND Media Service, Huffington Post UK, Canterbury Festival (Kent), Peace & Policy, and other journals. Signals is his third poetry collection. Grover lives and works in London, UK.

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