Between My Thoughts by Betty Kituyi Mukhalu

ISBN 978-0-9930315-3-3. Smallberry Press, London.

ISBN 978-0-9930315-3-3. Smallberry Press, London.

Between My Thoughts is Betty Kituyi’s début poetry collection in the UK. Her poems are raw, filled with emotion and written with vulnerability. Kituyi’s writing style is surrealist at heart: a sense of the poem remains, yet something about it evades all rational thought.

“Deceptive simplicity characterises the ethereal beauty of Betty Kituyi’s poetry which reminds one of the elevated refinement of George Herbert’s divine poems. Kituyi’s poems exhibit sublimity, euphoria, ecstasy and charm; words that appear over and over in her magical lines. Her poems celebrate womanhood, not in some militant way but by underscoring the celestial pleasure of true family happiness. These poems have an infectiousness in the Tolstoyan sense that will perpetually capture your soul.”

Prof. Okaka Opio Dokotum, First Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Lira University, Uganda

About the Author
Betty Kituyi Mukhalu is a Ugandan poet who is passionate about creative writing. Her poetry, short stories and essays have been published in local/international anthologies, local dailies and several websites. She received the BN Poetry Award in 2013 and her first book, Falling, Other Stories and Poems, was published in 2016 by Quiet Garden. Betty has taught at secondary schools and universities as a science teacher, and holds a Master of Science in Chemistry. She lives in Kampala, Uganda.

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