Stooping in the Fields

All day long, she stoops to the dull
cadence of a hopeless song flitting
through her mind. The young girl with
long braided black hair and olive cheeks
longs for things common to others, an
education, a separate bedroom in a
warm house, days without backbreaking
labor picking vegetables for those with
tables filled with delicious food, and
laughter. I pity her toiling in the vast
unforgiving fields of dark loam hour after
hour, day after day, month after month,
always wondering if there is a balcony in
a white two-story stucco house in a city
somewhere, where she could look down
on a beautiful garden of flowers, and
dream, and then retreat into a warm
house with a table filled with delicious
food, and laughter.

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Dr. James G. Piatt is the author of two poetry books, “The Silent Pond” (2012) and “Ancient Rhythms” (2014); his third poetry book is scheduled for released in mid 2015. He has had over 620 poems published; one was nominated for a Pushcart award (2014), another for the best of web (2013) one was included in the anthology of the 100 best poems of 2014, and another was selected for the poem of the year award at Long Story Short.

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