Blue and Red

Blue and red,
Red and Blue,
You stand beside me,
Watching the sun biscuit,
Drowning in a bowl,
of sea water,
You admire its rosy hue,
I watch the bloody body,
Releasing clots of blood,
Into the deep,
Blue sea.
Blue and red,
Red and blue.

You, I had thought,
Were a guardian angel,
You destroyed my honor,
Saying that,
I never had any respect anyway,
In the first place.

You, who raped my daughter,
My poor child,
Without her father’s protection,
You made her a living corpse,
Saying that,
She never had any self worth anyway,
The daughter,
Of a widow.

You burnt my colorful saris,
And broke my bangles,
Burnt my photographs,
Burnt my memories,
Burnt my happiness,
Saying that,
I would never need them again anyway,
Never need to be happy again.

You, who locked me in a room,
After I applied lipstick for the first time,
In months,
And I was vulnerable,
Like an open wound,
That is a feast for dirty flies,
You beat me,
Saying that,
I didn’t have a right to look good anyway,
My man was dead.

You threw kerosene all over my body,
And watched,
As my charred body,
Resembled my charred soul,
Saying that,
Widows didn’t have the right to live anyway,
And I burnt. Quietly.

Let the sacred womb burn,
The womb that gave birth,
To you.
Let the soul burn,
That was devoted to you,
Let me burn,
Because I’m dead anyway,
Burning my body wont make a difference.

The pyre is still lit,
I’m still burning,
You know how to extinguish,
This scorching fire,
But you walk away,
Saying that,
Let the pyre burn anyway.

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Rumana Mehdi

Rumana Mehdi is a Pakistani poet living in the USA. She is the author of the poetry collections 'My Peace Poems', and 'Lilies, Gunpowder and Dreams'.

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