Global Insanity

The thunder of hopelessness rolls in on roaring
waves and stirs the fires within our burning
consciences. A feathered lie burns into the
ebony woodwork of traumatized truth as it
flutters in the atmosphere of scarlet dust.
Roads leading to nowhere filled with the
potholes of misery carry us to a ruined city
called once-was. As I stand in my naked
optimizing state of unbelieving absurdity, the
earth trembles and shakes as brutality
overcomes mercy in cities of burning sand.
Where can one find justice in a world filled with
gluttony and injustice, cruelty and murder?
Where can we escape to, to hide our burning
brains? How can a sane man exist amidst such
global insanity?

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James, a retired professor and octogenarian, is a pushcart and best of web nominee. He has published 3 collections of poetry, “The Silent Pond” (2012), “Ancient Rhythms,” (2014), and “LIGHT,” (2016), and over 1,000 poems, in such magazines as Global Poetry, Westward Quarterly, Miller’s Pond, Poetic Diversity, American Aesthetic, Penwood, Gold Dust Poetry, Scarlet Leaf, The Linnet’s Wings and over 120 others. His fourth collection of poetry will be released this year. He earned his BS and MA from California State Polytechnic University, and his doctorate from BYU.

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