Then She Knew

First the words came
and then
she knew
she could follow…

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Itir Toksöz

Itır Toksöz is from the Aegean Coast of Turkey. She has a BA degree in Public Administration(in French) from the Marmara University in Istanbul. She studied at Universite Paris 1 - Pantheon-Sorbonne on a French government scholarship and earned a DEA degree in International Relations (Concentration- Strategy). She then left for the USA for her Ph.D studies in Public and International Affairs at Northeastern University, Boston. She gained her Ph.D degree with a dissertation entitled “Security Dilemmas and Threat Perceptions: Turkey at the Crossroads”, studying the impact of threat perceptions on civil-military relations. She worked at Northeastern University as an Adjunct Professor, then taught World Civilizations courses as an Instructor at Koç University – Istanbul. She is currently an Assistant Professor of International Relations and the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Doğuş University Istanbul. Her Professional areas of research interest are threat perceptions, civil-military relations, science-technology and international politics, human security and evolutionary approaches in social sciences. She also does teaching and research by focusing on Art and International Relations. She has been teaching a course named International Relations Through Films for the last 6 years and does research on music and cartoons in international relations. Under her academic personality lies an amateur artistic character who is into singing, writing (songs, poetry, tales, plays, stories, essays, blog posts) and dancing. She is a founding member of the editorial collective and a regular contributor at the award winning (National Education Writers Association Community Blog Award 2nd Prize – 2011) blog of University of Venus.

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