Spirit Book

My spirits, that drive me, that energy, that hope, that link
These days 2015
In this dark world—even when the light ¬†flickers
Whispers to me to fool me into thinking I am human seeking spirit
Which will fail—so might as well give up—evil whisperer that is me
But my old heart with its old experience, strength and hope
reminds me—even by default—that
I am a spirit seated—for some reason—in this human frame
Needing—for some reason—to have a human awakening
To do the work I came here to do—in the short time to do it
For some reason—More and Mystery to be revealed—
Meanwhile, I go to my Spirit Book to remind my soul it is really not dark—
For Dark is the Absence of Light!  Illusion revealed!


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Grace E. Reed

I have a MA in Conflict Resolution, a BA in Drama Therapy am a mediator, published writer (Negotiating Shadows and Needs) a broadcaster for KBOO.fm radio on disability awareness. I work with street youth, the homeless, addicted people, and have been a social activist for over 35 years. Occupy WS Portland, Oregon is a passion. Eagles World Studio is up and running. My heart responds to poetry and my head hears it in everything I do. My motto is 'stay curious, be kind and keep moving'. My new book 'Negotiating Shadows: Journey to the Sun' published by George Ronald Publisher, Oxford England and available through my website.

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