Book Review: Love and Resistance by Theresa J. Wolfwood

Love and Resistance by Theresa J. Wolfwood, ISBN 978-0993031502

Love and Resistance by Theresa J. Wolfwood

Theresa Wolfwood writes delicate poems tackling crucial dilemmas of our times. Her poems are an unheard expression of a world that is threatened by war and consumerism culture; they gently point at what is urgent and is being forgotten – a pointer for what the modern world should grasp. They are a voice for the poor and the vulnerable – human beings living at war front lines; ecological systems vanishing in the guise of modernity. The poems are sometimes prophetic, implying that we have to change our way of being or we perish. One not only gets a glimpse on what is beautiful but also what is ugly in our time.

In all her poems, Wolfwood creates a landscape of a world that seems to live big but seems near, a world that seems to offer false comforts as the real values from history, culture and religion are considered things of the past. Her poetry has a line, a phrase, a caution, a dance, a play, a story, a reminder, a friend, a celebration, a substantial something, to grasp, to hold to ruminate over for everyone. In these poems there is something to learn, something to relish and something to reflect about the human condition in our time and our connectedness.

These poems are for everyone from the smallest corners of the globe to those at the centre of modernity. They are poems you can read on the street, on the farm, at a death bed, on vacation, on a war front, in a classroom, or in a political office. This is the kind of book that should be read at rallies – political, religious and social, but most of all in classrooms to imbue that sensitivity to the young on what is important, to raise their consciousness on what it means to be human in a world that is threatened by war propaganda and globalisation.

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Betty Kituyi

Betty Kituyi is a Ugandan writer, science communicator, researcher and teacher. Her work has been published in journals and anthologies. She is a winner of the BN Poetry Award 2012.

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