UK Poetry Prizes 2015


The Caterpillar International Poetry Prize

A poetry prize to celebrate the first year of The Caterpillar, an arts and literature magazine for children. We’re looking for a stand-out poem written by an adult for children (aged 7-11). Prize: 1,000 Euro. The prize is open to everyone, as long as the work is original and previously unpublished. The prize will be judged by the publishers of The Caterpillar and The Moth.
Entries Close On: 31 March 2015 | Read More (Opens a new window)


Overton Poetry Prize

In memory of Professor Bill Overton (1946-2012), English, Drama and Publishing offers this prize for a sequence of poems on any subject, up to 300 lines. Prizes: The first-placed entry will be published in chapbook form by the University’s Lamplight Press. There will be two further prizes of £50 each. Judges: Sarah Kelly and Dr Kerry Featherstone.
Entries Close On: 17 April 2015 | Read More (Opens a new window)


David Burland Poetry Prize

Submissions open to poets worldwide writing in English, and poems may be in free style and any length. Entries accepted from writers of any nationality, over 18 and, writing in English. Judges: Michel François(English/French Poet), R Freidman (English poet, translator). 1st Prize: £500. 2nd Prize: £200. 3rd Prize: £100. Winning Writers will have their work published in the Second volume of ‘Poetic Art’ 2015 / 2016, and the Winning Poem will also be published on the David Burland website.
Entries Close On: 31 May 2015 | Read More (Opens a new window)

Frogmore Poetry Prize

The winner of the Frogmore Poetry Prize for 2015 will win two hundred and fifty guineas and a two-year subscription to The Frogmore Papers. The first and second runners-up will receive seventy-five and fifty guineas respectively and a year’s subscription to The Frogmore Papers. Adjudicator: John McCullough. Poems should be typed and no longer than forty lines.
Entries Close On: 31 May 2015 | Read More (Opens a new window)


The Flambard Poetry Prize

The 2015 Flambard Poetry Prize continues to honour the achievements of Flambard Press and the inspiration of founders Margaret and Peter Lewis. The Flambard Prize is awarded annually to the best group of five poems submitted by a poet who has not yet published a single-authored pamphlet or collection. Each poem should be no longer than 40 lines.

The cost of entry is £5 per group of five poems. Entries will be judged by Cynthia Fuller and Jacob Polley.

Entries Close On: 1st September 2015. Read More (Opens a new window)

The Manchester Poetry Prize 2015

Poetry Judges: Adam O’Riordan, Olivia Cole and Kei Miller. £10,000 prizes for the best portfolio of three to five poems (maximum combined length: 120 lines). Open internationally to new and established writers aged 16 or over (no upper age limit).

Entries Close On: 25 September 2015 | Read More (Opens a new window)

Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize 2015

Two winners will have a poetry collection up to 52 pages published by Indigo Dreams Publishing and receive 25 copies. Submission: Selection of 10 poems to 36 lines max. Publication 2016 to coincide with Geoff’s birth date June 4th.

Entries Close On: 30 September 2015 | Read More (Opens a new window)

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