Love and Resistance by Theresa J. Wolfwood

Love and Resistance by Theresa J. Wolfwood, ISBN 978-0993031502

Love and Resistance by Theresa J. Wolfwood

The passion for social justice, human rights and the longing for peace illuminate many of Theresa Wolfwood’s poems. In some, the passion is expressed by individuals: a child in Gaza recounts her own war story and tells readers…we are still here in Gaza. In El Salvador, a baker stands up against international mining interests…strong from the resistance of bread dough.

She expresses her love for the world she inhabits on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, a world where all life is connected … rooted we are together in this brief borrowed paradise.

The poetry of Theresa Wolfwood also includes the intensely personal love poems for her lover …your back a mahogany guitar/ emerging from its case… and for her mother…She lay unconscious, a crumpled stained handkerchief/on a stretch of dirty snow.

Wolfwood is a poet of fine sensitivity and deep passion for the human condition, the world we travel through and our search for truth and meaning. Her poems are to be savoured and re-read as sign posts in all our journeys; her words, honest about tragedy and horror are nonetheless imbued with hope and optimism that …we will transform the power of desecration/ our song will restore the earth.

ISBN: 978-0993031502
Author: Theresa J. Wolfwood
Release Date: 17 November 2014
Scheduled Launch: 14 December 2014, Beit Zatoun, Toronto, Canada.
Publisher: Smallberry Press. London, UK.
Book Purchase: Amazon UK.

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