Two Bodies

Neither is greater than the other;
Two bodies tell it best.
The opening of an enactment
Once laid bare before the beginnings of time
Now coming slowly into fruition.
A cadence of entrained breaths,
Holy singing rhythms.

Where night once owned the stage,
Dawn now peers expectantly through the curtains –
A cascade
Breaking through the slits of the blind
The sun remembering its life from the shadows
A dressing gown
Wrapping fondly around its widening gaze.

This is the novelty of life enraptured,
The beauty found
Only in the everyday longings
Of those meant together –
A defiant clasp
Illuminated against the walls
Of an otherwise forgotten corner of space

Where, of all the sights to begin
Another of its silent returns,
The moon holds the sun’s light
Warming towards a heightening embrace.
The wonder of love
Unwrapping the gift
Of a new day.

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Ed Hunte

Poet and Columnist at Global Poetry. United Kingdom

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