Weightless I float, way above the sea of sapphire blue sparkles
The sunlight bejewelling the interminable ocean of serenity.


I try to make out the line between solid and liquid.
Only as I descend I can see a perfect stretch of cornflower yellow.

Suddenly I am standing here. I play with the tiny grains of sand.
My feet sink in and I feel the warmth and energy which the Sun has provided.
I can feel the grains in between my toes.

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Jahanera Noor

Jahanera Noor is an author from London, UK, who mostly writes short stories, including stories for children. She works as a nurse and is an advocate for animal rights and a campaigner with the Stop the War Coalition. She has previously published fiction in Diogen, Novi Plamen, Lascaux Flash etc.

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