An Awakening (Part Two)

And as the final hour
Drew to a close
You realised
Finally, you had won.


Back when we first began
You determined
That you would live
So that dreams
Would fade
And become real,
To the same wishing well
Where you had once
Silently conveyed your vow.
Only this time to be told
That it no longer
Dealt in your dreams.

This would have to be
A different journey
Of unknown resolve,
Drawing upon the words of wisdom
Shared from old.
Where perhaps the skin
You so deeply desired to shed
Would dissolve
Through the sheer will
To never become lost.

You set-off,
A loving horizon
To keep moving forward,
But you soon realise
That there are many turnings
Before then,
Many boundaries
To be passed.

Weeks soon become months
And with this
A pattern emerges,
Where the days
Spent cherishing life
Are also the same days where
The horizon seems closer.
Whereas the days
Where life is compromised
Your vantage,
A distant shade.

Maybe this
Is what it means to live,
Perhaps a series of awakenings,
Of a life bound
Without regret
Is where forgotten dreams
Ultimately reside?
Sooner or later
A word appears in your mind
Like a greeting from an old friend –
And the formula is set.

Before you know it,
You are at the forefront
Of a different journey,
This time focussed
On being a lantern to those around you.
The more you strive,
The more the mighty river
Of abundance flows from within.
The heavy burdens
That once held you back
Now the momentum
Propelling you further forward.

Days elongate,
Draw closer in
And you gradually start to see
That you
Have now become a tribe
And the tribe,
A vital part of you.
A symbol of hope
Uncovering your total being,
A self-spun narrative
Becoming ever true.

In the past
You would have doubted this
Whereas time
Has now left
No seconds for
Your hesitation,
A multitude
Standing strongly
By your side;
Reminding you
Watching you,
Believing you.

And as the cycle begins to rotate
Once more
You hear an ancient echo,
Revisiting from what seems
Another life:
‘To live
So that dreams
Would fade
And become real.
So that dreams
Would fade
And become real.’

You turn and kiss
The horizon,
Knowing that
The answer
Was found in the freedom,
Forged through
Every footstep
You had made.
A body bound
For the ocean,
Your life
Forever breathing
Through each wave.

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Ed Hunte

Poet and Columnist at Global Poetry. United Kingdom

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