Oh, Peace Come Home

A poem on Kashmir conflict.

66 years have gone
Where have you gone
Our jungles and towns
Our evenings and dawns
Have become a syndrome
Oh, peace come home

The lozenge lull, the casuists sights
The colorful days, the fearless nights
The birding mountains, grooming skies
We often remember those unseen lies
And bruise the brume
Oh, peace come home

Look at the orphans, widows, aged
The raped, maimed, displaced
Paradise on earth is now a hell
And the world says, all is well
Look you dismay, gloom
Oh, peace come home

Disorder our chair and table
Glitch our TV and Cable
Nibble our butter and cheese
Disturb our pigeons and bees
Make noise in our bedroom
Oh, peace come home

Oh, egoist India and selfish Pakistan
Oh, clever America and silent Iran
Though you deny though you refuse
But, listen, peace is the last refuge
Ask Bosnia, Afghanistan or Rome
Oh, peace come home

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Dr. M. Ashaq Raza

Dr. M. Ashaq Raza, is a Peace Worker and Human Rights activist based in Jammu, India.

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