I Read it Here and I Heard it There

Todays newspaper said, “that thing is like this” and the other side said, “no its like that” and the TV blared  “that is the way it is!” and the other station said “no it’s this way!”

The pundants on both sides yammered on and on at the political news shows

The signs on the lawns were insistent, large and square

All promising a wonderful new world if they were elected

Am I to take it seriously?  Do I act on any of it? Am I to trust them, those people who write and broadcast and yammer?

The people who run for office?  Who are they? How did they get so idealistic?

Or corrupted, or fooled, or jaded or even violent

What side do I choose? Is there a side?

What place does one little vote have at the square

Against the Electoral College, or whatever democracy it is, or whatever or why, or where, or how, or—

That game—that dangerous game

Will all the peace people—the people of peace stand arm in arm worldwide and state, “Stop!”

Shall we all sit down and listen to what Mother Earth wants—Her voice of silence can only be heard in silence.



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Grace E. Reed

I have a MA in Conflict Resolution, a BA in Drama Therapy am a mediator, published writer (Negotiating Shadows and Needs) a broadcaster for KBOO.fm radio on disability awareness. I work with street youth, the homeless, addicted people, and have been a social activist for over 35 years. Occupy WS Portland, Oregon is a passion. Eagles World Studio is up and running. My heart responds to poetry and my head hears it in everything I do. My motto is 'stay curious, be kind and keep moving'. My new book 'Negotiating Shadows: Journey to the Sun' published by George Ronald Publisher, Oxford England and available through my website.

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