My Scream Through Another’s Lung

Dear star of heaven, shine for me alone,
Let the breeze fly me to the throne
Where the clouds come in different shapes,
Where my dreams are not masked in capes.

So the wind would gladly offer me grace,
And the lights of a dark night for brightness race.
For how long does a heart need to beat?
And for rescue bleed?

Of those mountains of freedom and few of prisons,
Imprisoned in caves deserted with no reasons.
I fly to hold on to a memory of a bee I saw;
Of a buzz I heard when I was just a little girl.

I remember how the peep went: high pitched then low;
I could sense how hurt she was and her sad O.
Aye, that bee was me and I was the bee:
Blended in a made of honey sea.

Almost drowned in salty honey: we both were so down
I could not, however, cry nor frown.
How could I? When for the first time I was not alone!
And for the first time, someone else my heartache moaned.

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Nour Osama El Borno

Nour O. El Borno is a young English literature student at the Islamic University of Gaza. She has been writing English poetry since she was eleven years old. She won the first prize in a local poetry contest when she was sixteen and few of her poems are slated for publication in a book. She has always loved poetry and has always regarded it as a part of her identity.

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