Killing Prejudices

the world is vast,
and I am but one gaunt
footstep in it’s
abdomen; always stretching
to swallow another
men say it should be women
some women agree,
but I don’t think anyone should be
devoured beneath the assemblage
of rights; why can’t we all live
in peace together?

men are born of women yet so
quickly rise against them
terrified of their voices,
misogyny becomes the normality
some can accept —
but not me.

I wonder why so many succumb to things
they shouldn’t allow;
is it because it’s easier than fighting or
because they’re afraid of losing?

there is nothing more frustrating than to stand
here knowing everything is wrong,
and being told that it is right
I was taught to stand for everything virtuous
even if it meant standing alone;
my bones may break, but my heart won’t be
tainted by the evil others so readily allow —
I am sick of being a woman in a man’s world,
why can’t I simply be a person living
breathing and loving in the world? why is it
that I must be sought out for my gender
I did not engender myself, for who would want to
be treated with such vile
wonderment and belittled for
their sex?

not I, and not anyone, I’d assume
so if no one will slay these dragons with me
then let me slay them alone;
I’ve already killed so many prejudices, what’s one more?

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Linda M. Crate

Linda M. Crate is a Pennsylvanian native born in Pittsburgh yet raised in the rural town of Conneautville. Her poetry, reviews, articles and short stories have been published in a variety of magazines, both online and in print. Her chapbook 'A Mermaid Crashing Into Dawn' was recently published by Fowlpox Press.

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