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London, United Kingdom – 8 June 2013 – Global Poetry, the international project for promoting poetry as an instrument for inner transformation, human dignity and inter-cultural dialogue has announced on Saturday, 8th June 2013 that it is now accepting poem submissions from all parts of the world. Their online website, visited by thousands of people from over forty-five countries around the world, until now has only published selected poems of key significance to social conflicts, the human condition and peacebuilding, written by some of the most eminent poets who are actively engaged with people at grass-roots level towards the empowerment of the human spirit.

There are a vast number of undiscovered and unvoiced poets throughout the world who seek an international stage to write about issues that matter to their nations, societies and to all of us as a human family with a dimension of shared identity. In the current decade, poetry must be used increasingly at par with the other arts and it must be used as the epitome of free human expression. It has to be transformed from being an art of solitary writing and scarce opportunities into an art that will be at full play in public places, performance venues, nonviolent peace movements, and the establishment of firm human dignity.

1. Submission Themes:
Submissions are now open for well-edited poems on the following themes from poets of all countries and age groups:

  1. Human Dignity
  2. Peacebuilding
  3. Human Rights
  4. Social Justice
  5. Nonviolent Resistance
  6. Philosophy
  7. Nature and Beauty
  8. Nonkilling

Submissions will be curated by the editorial board and chosen poems will be published online on the Global Poetry website. Long established, published and eminent poets are also invited to send in their submissions.

2. Submission Copyrights Policy:
As a non-profit project, at this point, Global Poetry does not pay in return for submissions. However, the chosen and published poems will get an international outreach to the thousands of website visitors from over forty-five countries of the world.

We only accept poem submissions for which the author is the sole legal copyright owner. The copyrights of all the submissions will remain entirely with the individual authors. However, by sending in submissions, the authors must understand that they will be granting online publishing rights to Global Poetry, and the authors are free to publish the same poems elsewhere.

3. How to Submit:

  1. Only English language poems are being accepted at present.
  2. Authors are advised to submit poems after they have read, understood and accepted the ‘Submission Copyrights Policy’ listed above. The act of sending us submissions would imply that the authors have accepted this policy.
  3. A maximum of two poems may be submitted by an author.
  4. Each poem must be in a separate Word document. Documents will be accepted from all different types of text editors, e.g. Libre Office, MS Word etc.
  5. The entries must be sent to:
  6. Along with the submissions, the authors must include the following in the email:
    Full name,
    City / State
    This information will be kept strictly confidential and never passed to any other organisations or individuals.
  7. Authors must also put the following Copyrights Acceptance message in their email:

I am hereby submitting my poems to Global Poetry, and if these are selected by the Editorial Board, I grant them the permission to publish these online on the Global Poetry website. I also confirm that I am the sole legal copyright owner of this work.

4. Notes for Editors:

  1. Global Poetry was founded in 2000 in New Delhi, India, a year after the establishment of the UNESCO World Poetry Day.
  2. Global Poetry is a part of the Transcend: Art & Peace Network, founded and directed by Dr. Olivier Urbain.
  3. Sumeet Grover, the author of poetry volume Change, serves as the coordinator of Global Poetry. Grover is based in London, United Kingdom.
  4. Global Poetry submissions page URL:

Contact Sumeet Grover for any further enquiries, details listed below:
Press Enquiries:
Institutional Enquiries:

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Global Poetry Editorial Team.

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