Fire of St. Joan

She descended onto the plaza on her ghostly white steed, a message on her lips from the sacrifice of Fire

White Smoke rose from the chimney, hope of the angels

She bent down and whispered into the humble ear of the St. Francis,

“Holy Ones look on this scene, pray for me as I pray for you”

And billions knelt and begged for peace

While the blizzard of fear overtook dark souls

Waves of love waited in the shadow of hope

Ready for acceptance

Ready for revelation

Ready for Fire and Smoke

And the Gods turned again toward the people

and uttered “Choice.”

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Grace E. Reed

I have a MA in Conflict Resolution, a BA in Drama Therapy am a mediator, published writer (Negotiating Shadows and Needs) a broadcaster for radio on disability awareness. I work with street youth, the homeless, addicted people, and have been a social activist for over 35 years. Occupy WS Portland, Oregon is a passion. Eagles World Studio is up and running. My heart responds to poetry and my head hears it in everything I do. My motto is 'stay curious, be kind and keep moving'. My new book 'Negotiating Shadows: Journey to the Sun' published by George Ronald Publisher, Oxford England and available through my website.

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