A Plea of Pleas for Nonkilling

Rhymed Reflections Dedicated to the Center for Global Nonkilling

In so many ways the history of violence can be told
Depending on its origins and on how   events unfold

In favor of a person/a community/a country there may be an action
In favor of world peace and nonviolence there may be   interaction

A very serious global issue or problem   may generate an appeal
A cause may become an urban protest, collectively realized as real

A global, organized effort to achieve an urgently needed  Nonkilling  goal
calls for more than an earnest request: support with one`s body and soul

In such bold, transformative spirit, this Plea of Pleas let`s   reiterate
and in all languages-cultures, East and West citizens  let´s educate

In today`s world, this Plea of Pleas for Nonkilling is being made
Before all kinds of government leaders this text   should be laid

Of all the Life-saving-supporting-sustaining appeals in which human beings can excel
May this Plea of Pleas help Humankind to dignify sharing the Earth  nonkillingly well


Originally published by the TRANSCEND Media Service.

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Francisco Gomes de Matos

Francisco Gomes de Matos is a peace linguist from Recife, Brazil. He is the co-founder of ABA Associação Brasil América, and co-founder of The World Dignity University initiative.

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