Poetry on Staines High Street (UK)

Poetry on Staines High Street

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As one walks on the Staines High Street in Surrey County (England, UK), David Annad’s sculpture Roll Out The Lino stands with an array of shops running in parallel sides of the street. One notices this wide sculpture with two men holding a thick steel rod, a sight that cannot be found on High Streets in the surrounding towns.

To add to this unusual sight are the lines of poetry embossed on the steel rod. Below is this poem, which was written by Richard Price and Leona Medlin.

Release Every Pattern
“Roll out the lino
from Staines to the world!
Release every pattern
from chessboard to twirl!
In every hopeful kitchen
let life unfurl,
bathrooms are artrooms
from soapsuds to swirl!
Roll out the lino
from Staines to the world!”

Have you watched this sculpture on the Staines High Street? Have you read this poem on the sculpture? How does poetry on this public sculpture in Staines High Street enhance your sense of pride and belonging to the place?

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