An Awakening (Part One)

And after a long
Silent tale of night;
Signalling a new day.

A rising dawn leans forward,
Gifts its wide-eyed smile
Urging you
To stand up, be seen
Retrace your vow:
Today is
To live with
No beginning
Or ending.

Eternal heart springs
An awakening;
Memories of youth
Stir you
To represent your life,
Be at one with those around you
And have faith.

Doors soon open wide
Quick foot to the fields
And you glide –
Inner-self meeting greater-self,
Voice calling forth
Your resounding life force,
Day after day
To the myriad variations
All around you.

And it’s here you see your path,
Grown from your own
Vision and making,
Unfold its lesson.
Teaching you
To see your life
As a multitude of blessings
On a journey
Cast beyond the limits
Of time.

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Ed Hunte

Poet and Columnist at Global Poetry. United Kingdom

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