Negotiating Shadows (update)

A quote from AA which states. “and great events will come to past for you and countless others—“which encourages members to trust in the ongoing process of transformation in recovery from that ‘hopeless state of body and mind’ and predicts some future that makes sense and allows for authenticity in the state of humanness. Well that great event came true for me (again) the other day when my new book Negotiating Shadows: Journey to the Sun’ got picked up by George Ronald Pub. Oxford England and will go world wide soon. Yow!  I am jazzed. The reason I am happy that this book is going out to many more people than I could possibly reach on my marketing budget is because it gives a powerful message and some solutions to poverty, alcoholism, drug addiction and loss of our youth world wide due to social injustice.

I am an involved activist on issues of  drug addiction  homelessness, restoration, reformative justice, civil rights to name a few projects and there is much to do. We all have much to do. As a person on the planet (Mother Earth) I have an obligation to use my talents to bring change for good to the world wide table. The best talent I have is writing and apparently I do it well. But this is not about me, it is about all of us. Turning around the present insanity we find ourselves in to something workable for all living things will take every ounce of strength and talent we have. I encourage you all to do the next right thing, leap into the deep end, take a risk, keep moving, trust in the process, stay curious and know that ‘great events’—well you know.

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Grace E. Reed

I have a MA in Conflict Resolution, a BA in Drama Therapy am a mediator, published writer (Negotiating Shadows and Needs) a broadcaster for radio on disability awareness. I work with street youth, the homeless, addicted people, and have been a social activist for over 35 years. Occupy WS Portland, Oregon is a passion. Eagles World Studio is up and running. My heart responds to poetry and my head hears it in everything I do. My motto is 'stay curious, be kind and keep moving'. My new book 'Negotiating Shadows: Journey to the Sun' published by George Ronald Publisher, Oxford England and available through my website.

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