Anti-Corruption Poem for India – इतना क्यूँ सोते हैं हम? (Hindi) Video

इतना क्यूँ सोते हैं हम? (Why have we [as a nation] slept so much?)

Adding a new wave of energy to Anna Hazare’s (अन्ना हजारे) anti-corruption non-violent protests in India, which have gathered large scale attention and support across the country, Bollywood Lyricist and Poet Prasoon Joshi (प्रसून जोशी) wrote this poem to awaken the nation that has slept far too long with corruption at every level. Corruption so large at scale, not only does it form the fabric of Indian society, but it robs away billions from taxpayers; guaranteeing them low public infrastructure and services, but also guaranteeing that the poor remain poor and that the corrupt officials, bagging money, grow in prosperity by millions and billions of rupees.

Above is a video of Joshi’s poem, recited by himself in Hindi. Do leave your impressions and comments below in support of the anti-corruption movement in India inspired by this poem. (Please scroll down a little).


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