A young man remarked
On the futility of life
Reduced in the end to nothing
But dust and bones
He poigantly cried out
What then is the point
Of running all life
With a little smile on
My lips and a determination
In my heart
I said
The story is not about running
It is about taking each step
With a mission
Of creating value
Of making that little difference
And what you leave behind
Are not dust and bones
But a legacy
For all to follow
Treasures of the heart
Sealed for posterity
So beautiful it is
Living with a mission

( written after a conversation with a young man who felt that we are all running and chasing material wealth and in the end we die , so what use it Is to create anything in life !)

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Hemani Jayaswal

Founder and Corporate Trainer at Neev India. www.neev.org Founder Anandi- shop for a cause - www.supportanandi.org

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