Javed Akhtar – Waqt (Time) – Poetry Recitation in Urdu and English

What is time? Where did it come from? Where did it disappear?

Poetry and philosophy are inseparable. A poet dives down into the sea of human life and brings out some of the most undiscovered gems humankind has discovered. Who is Javed Akhtar? For urban Indians and many Pakistanis, Akhtar needs no introduction. He represents seven generations of poets in his family, and is a well known script and song writer in the Indian film industry. An Urdu poet, Akhtar not only embodies the poetic richness of the language, but also a wisdom, that people around the world have time and again sought and questioned.

Above is a video of poetry recitation by Akhtar in Urdu along with English recitation by his wife, women’s rights activist Shabana Azmi.

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