Myriad Emotions

As I look at you, your deformed body
I feel myriad emotions
pity for a moment
a desire to help in another
a sudden realization
then enters me
you are more powerful
than I am
you have the power of the spirit
But yes, I can empower you
with the gift of love and to live with dignity.


(Written after meeting and working with children with cerebral palsy. Following which I have started a venture called Anandi which is generating funds for the financially weak  sector of India by making and selling handmade items of India


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Hemani Jayaswal

Founder and Corporate Trainer at Neev India. Founder Anandi- shop for a cause -

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  1. A stirring poem, Hemani! Good luck with your work at Anandi. I hope your poem raises awareness of mental health illnesses and the fact that it could happen to anyone. I also hope that it helps remove the unnecessary stigma associated with it in many sections of Indian society.

    Best wishes with the humanistic and empowering work you and your team are carrying out!

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