Push Open the Window: A road between East and West

As the Chinese nation increasingly rises on the world stage as an economic power with the ongoing fears related to Eurozone crisis and national sovereign debt in the West, where is the road that connects over a billion Chinese people to the West – a distant land that their national politics contemplates of bailing out with the taxpayers’ money?

Two different languages, two different scripts, two different nations, two different continents. Yet, a new bridge being built between the people of the United States and China is poetry. Thoughts that might be written in Chinese are still thoughts, which build a bridge to link us to our shared humanity.

A BBC report shows how a collection of Chinese poetry has been translated into English for the US audience to increase understanding about Chinese culture and thought. Click to access the BBC article. (opens in a new window).

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  1. Excellent piece of news, short and sweet. There is much more to say about exchanges based on mutual respect, music, the arts and poetry between people in China and in the US. As the world economy and political systems crumble down around us, it is high time we invest in trust, friendship and the arts. This short video is one step in that direction. Please post many more of these!

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