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The August 2011 London riots surprised the British nation as hundreds of young people took on to the streets. Whilst the public debate mostly focussed upon how these events sabotaged the capital and caused destruction, where are stories of those young people who took to the streets and set shops to fire? 

Were you involved in the riots? We condemn violence in all its forms but we also understand the deeply human dimension to your story and would like you to tell us about it. What have been your childhood and growing up experiences? What have you felt deprived of? What was so attractive to rioting than to engage in other activities such as sports, arts, meeting friends or anything else that positively adds enjoyment to your life?

Do you write poetry? As a young person, what type of support – emotional, educational, financial etc. – do you find missing? Is your story one of having lost all hope and trust moving you to find no other way than to riot? If you do write poetry, please post a piece (scroll down below) to tell the nation about it. There is certainly a very dignified and important human dimension to you and poetry or the arts can be actively used to bring it out and set the motion for a hopeful, constructive future.

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